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Quickly create, distribute and analyze exams using your classroom PC and printer


About Gravic Office OMR:


Gravic, Inc. is a world leader in providing innovative data collection, transformation, and distribution solutions. For over 25 years, Gravic software product groups have produced technologically advanced solutions that improve the businesses and personal lives of over 30,000 customers and tens of thousands of OEM end-user licensees. Remark Office OMR is a leading Windows-based forms-processing software package for surveys and tests. With Remark Office OMR, you can design your own forms using any word processor, print them on your Muratec MFP, scan and recognize data with your Muratec MFP and then analyze the data or export the data to the application of your choice! Itís that easy!


Gravic, Inc
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Using your Muratec MFP and Gravic Ofice OMR software you can create, distribute and analyze examiations in 5 easy steps !

  1. Create a customized examination using Gravic's step-by-step form creator on your PC.
    Print the exam forms on your Muratec MFP using plain paper (no specialty paper required)
  2. Administer the examination and collect completed exam forms.
  3. Scan exam forms directly into a folder on your PC using your Muratec MFP.
  4. Import the scanned forms into Gravic Office OMR and utilize the intuitive tools to analyze and distribute results.


Additional Benefits:

Muratec recommends the MFX-2550, MFX-2570, MFX-2590 and MFX-C2700 for use with Gravic Office OMR software.








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