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Muratec MFP’s enable powerful scanning to PC folders, FTP and e-mail addresses. We’ve also developed ScanTag, a solution that is embedded in select MFP’s and allows for the seamless indexing of documents directly into document management systems. ScanTag has been certified to work with the partners listed below.


ScanTag is embedded on the F-525, F-565, MFX-2550, MFX-2570, MFX-2590. It is optional on the MFX-3530.

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Founded in 1988, DocuWare has over 6,000 installations with tens of thousands of users in over 50 countries. DocuWare offers a scalable solution that can expand enterprise-wide. Over 400 Authorized DocuWare Partners make up a worldwide independent reseller network, employing over 1000 DocuWare experts who bring DocuWare close to its customers.


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Computhink provides Document Management / Content Management solutions for secure information sharing and compliance, targeting small and medium size organizations. Computhink’s ViewWise® streamlines business processes, improves customers service, reduces costs and ensures compliance.


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The award-winning Archive Studio offers a full range of scalable products, servicing everything from basic content management needs to enterprise-wide document management, workflow, email archiving, records management and distributed or centralized image capture. Archive Studio’s WebSearch™ document management module provides 100% browser based capabilities from a single server installation. Archive Studio is easily customizable and fully compatible with Active Directory, plus the developer – API – provides full integration capabilities with other lines of business applications. Using Archive Studio, organizations can tightly control all valuable information assets by directing the flow of documents from capture and indexing to access and collaboration to policy based destruction.



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iDatix creates Enterprise Content Management and Work Process Automation software that allows our customers to use technology to drive innovation within all segments of their business, allowing them full control over their document-centric processes. This freedom empowers our customers to innovate by changing the way they create, manage, and distribute information within the enterprise.


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InfoDynamics (Intact)

Think of all the applications needed for effective document management. Scanning software, barcode printing, auditing software, database management, copier integration, file cabinets, etc. Intact SMART has it all. With version control, inter-application connectivity, instant searching and a feature list that goes on and on, Intact SMART makes you look intelligent just by using it. When a document is in Intact SMART, managing the distribution, approval and lifecycle of your paperwork instantly becomes more efficient. You won't be waiting on manila envelopes to make their way back to your desk or worry about finding the right copy with the appropriate approval. With Intact SMART, you always know the "who, what, when and where" of your documents.


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DocRecord is a powerful, low-cost and easy-to-use software application for electronic document management. Designed to be intuitive, DocRecord is an elegant tool to reduce complexity and costs for businesses across all major industries. 

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Using Rebus Technology's Recollect Enterprise software, businesses organize, store, manage, and share both paper-based and electronically transmitted information quickly and efficiently, anytime, anywhere. Simply convert hard copy information to electronic copy using any standard scanner or Digital Copier and Recollect. Easily import electronic material from other applications. Recollect Enterprise arranges your information within an electronic archive, enabling users to instantly locate and retrieve any filed information by searching for relevant words.



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With roots in the office equipment industry, CutCom Software Inc. has been focused on empowering organizations to increase efficiencies through the development of intuitive web-based applications designed with ease of use and administration as a primary goal. Through intuitive thinking and pro-active designs, CutCom is driving a new generation of web oriented business solutions. SentryFile Document Management is our Flagship offering in this market. The product is designed to be the 'Gold Standard' in simplicity and ease of operation.


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Square 9 Softworks (SmartSearch)
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Through decades of experience with document management technologies in business enterprises of all sizes, Square 9 Softworks has acquired a thorough understanding of document-driven business processes. Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive, the company delivers effective, value-driven solutions and has achieved a reputation for excellence in meeting the rapidly evolving needs of its customers. Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions exclusively through a network of highly skilled channel partners from its corporate office in New Haven, Connecticut.









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