Qualification Form For The Installation Of Network Devices
* Customer Name
* Phone Number (type the 10 digit phone number ex. 0000000000)

The following Information is necessary for this installation to proceed smoothly. Certain qualifications must be met before a Muratec technician arrives on-site. Please consult your IT department for any information on this sheet.

Muratec prefers that an IT person be peresent during installation. If this is not possible, then he/she must be available for contact. If all stations that need the necessary software are not reasonablly available, then an IT person or someone cofortable loading software and drivers must be present for training.

* IT Contact
* Phone Number (type the 10 digit phone number ex. 0000000000)

There must be an available static IP address prior to the arrivals of a Muratec technician, including DHCP environments. Muratec's device drivers will not work in a DHCP environment; a static IP address must be reserved for the device. The machine must also have a dedicated e-mail address if email functions are used.

Site resources (Please place a check beside all items that are available at site)

* An active AC power outlets Yes No * RJ-45 Network cable of adequate length Yes No
* An active RJ-45 outlet Yes No * Active network consisting of 2 or more workstations Yes No
* An active phone line Yes No * Access to workstations affected Yes No
* How many workstations? * Is this a wireless network? Yes No
Please fill out the following information. All fields must be completed
IP Address:
SubNet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Workgroup/Domain? Name
E-mail Environment - will scan to Email be used? Yes or No ( If yes, please provide the necessary information below)
Machine Name (arbitary):
Machine E-mail Address:
SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Password:
POP Server Address:
POP User ID:
POP Password:
Please check Y or N beside each option and supply necessary information if applicable.
Will the LDAP feature be used? Y or N (if yes, please provide the necessary information below)
LDAP Settings  
Name (arbitary):
Server Name:
IP address:
Login Required: Yes No
User Login:
Start Point:
Will scan to FTP be used? Y or N (If yes, please provide the necessary information below)
FTP Shortcuts  
Shortcut Name
Host Name
Folder Name
User Name
Will Network Scan to Folder be used? Y or N (If yes, please provide the necessary information below)
Network Scan to folder
Shared Folder Name (Folder Persmissions and Security must be set to Full Control)
Shared Folder File Path Example: \\computername\folder
LDAP Setting Explanation
Name: Cosmetic label for particular LDAP server
Server Name: Computer name of DC - optional
IP Address: Address of DC - required
Account/Password: Name and Password of registred domain user
Login Required: Select "Yes" if DC requires login
User Login: Select "Yes" if OfficeBridge Plus requires login
Start Point: Establishes start point of search. Standard syntax: 'OU=address, DC=domain, DC=local'
OU refers to 'organizational unit' that exists in active directory. DC refers to components of domain name, e.g. 'muratec.local' is expressed DC= muratec,DC=local'

I understand that any return trips resulting from incomplete or missing information or the absence of needed resources listed above may result in additional service fees.
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