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Unique features that increase ease-of-use and performance.


Feature set varies by model. Please check individual product specifications for feature set.


Direct Scan

DirectScan is an innovative method of scanning documents into PC folders. You can walk-up to the machine, select [Scan] – [PC/USB] and then [Browse]. At that point you can browse their company network as if you’re sitting at your PC. Once you find the folder you wish to scan to simply press [Start] and the document will be scanned directly into that folder. DirectScan does not require the installation of any additional hardware connectors or software utilities. This helps reduce cost and eliminates the headache from IT staffs in dealing with the installation and support associated with invasive network utilities and routing tools.


Scan Tag

ScanTag is an exclusive feature on Muratec MFP’s and enables users to add metadata to scanned documents from the touch screen. Competing desktop solutions require the additional of hardware and/or software connectors that can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the device. In addition, the compact footprint of Muratec MFP’s enables companies to deploy high-speed, document capture and indexing solutions into decentralized workgroups.
ScanTag has been certified for use with the following document management applications:

        Computhink ViewWise



        InfoDynamics INTAC


        Prism Software DocRecord

        Rebus ReCollect


        Square 9 Softworks SmartSearch

Email gateway (Fax integration)

Select Muratec MFP’s can seamlessly connect with network fax servers to enable customers to send hardcopy documents through the fax server.

Many companies have reduced their fax footprint by deploying a fax server on the network. Fax servers help reduce analog phone lines, create communication audit trails and restrict usage. Although many documents that are sent through a fax server are electronic files, there is still a need to send paper-based documents through these systems. Currently that may involve a user scanning a document to their e-mail address, or a PC folder, and then “faxing” it using their fax driver. This process can create inefficiencies.

With e-mail gateway users have access to a convenient fax solution that mirrors the familiar operation of a traditional fax machine. Users simply walk-up to the device, insert their document into the ADF, or on the platen glass, enter the fax number and select [Start]. That’s it! The MFP will then convert the fax number into a dialing string that can be utilized by the fax server and the document will be sent.

Single Pass duplex scanning

The MFX-2570 features a single pass duplex scanner that enables users to quickly capture two-sided monochrome and color documents. The device combines two high-resolution CCD scanners that enables two-sided 600 dpi color scanning at 40 images-per-minute (20 pages front and back). By combining this functionality with scanning solutions such as DirectScan and ScanTag, the MFX-2570 is well-positioned to replace dedicated desktop and workgroup scanners with a solution that can print, copy, fax and scan.


Secure PDF Scanning

Deliver documents to e-mail addresses, FTP, PC folders and USB flash drives in secure PDF format.


If the user selects [PDF w/Password] as the scanning file format, they will be prompted to enter a password that will be used by the recipient to open the document. The user may also choose whether to let the recipient edit, print or copy data from the PDF file.


The PDF will be encrypted during the transmission process and will not open until the correct password has been entered.


scan to print

Scan to Print enables users to make a color copy using the Muratec MFP color scanner and a networked color laser printer. Up to 5 color printers can be pre-registered. Once registered, users simply walk-up to the MFP, place a color document into the document feeder, or on platen glass, and select [Scan to Print]. Users can adjust the resolution, scan size and number of copies. Once the settings are adjusted the desired color printer can be selected followed by [Start]. The document(s) will be scanned and routed to the selected color printer.


Communication Archiving

Automatically archive each outbound and inbound fax or e-mail to create an audit trail of communication. Archived documents can be sent to a fax location, e-mail address or PC folder. If e-mail or PC folder storage is selected, documents can be stored in either TIFF or PDF format.


Financial trading firms, mortgage companies, government services (local, state, federal), law offices and companies that handle sensitive information, or are subject to federal/industry-specific regulations, may have the requirement to archive all communications in the event of litigation.



The My MFP mode is a new feature developed for the MFX-2550 and MFX-2570. My MFP allows users to registered frequently used features onto a single screen on the MFP, regardless of the mode in which the feature resides. Once logged into the MFP users can select the [My MFP] button, at which time their custom screen will appear.










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