The MFX-3530 from Muratec enables your office to work smarter. This powerful monochrome multifunction printer (MFP) can assist your office in digitally capturing, managing and distributing information more efficiently, enabling you to meet the rising challenges of today’s business environment.








OfficeBridge Docs

OfficeBridge Docs is a PC application that enables document sharing between your Muratec MFX-3530 and office workers. The utility quickly installs on your PC and enables:

- Individuals office workers to create OfficeBridge user ids. Once created, each OfficeBridge user can create their own document box and scan documents directly from the MFX-3530 into this box.
- OfficeBridge users can open the OfficeBridge Document Viewer and view files that were scanned into their document box (or documents that were scanned into public document boxes). The OfficeBridge Document Viewer enables users to deskew, rotate, modify the page order and delete pages within each document. Documents can also be named to simplify the document searching process.
- Outbound fax and e-mail transmissions can be archived using the OfficeBridge Docs software. This can be used in the event of an audit to quickly locate and view documents that were sent from the machine.
- Access documents that are stored in your document box on the MFX-3530 control panel. The touchscreen operation assists users in quickly locating their files and will even preview the document on the screen. Users can then print the document directly from the control panel. This is a great application to enable instant access/production of commonly printed forms (jobs applications, insurance forms, privacy statements, etc).

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