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At Muratec, our goal is to improve the world around us by developing cutting-edge multifunctional products that continuously set industry standards. But we don't stop there. Muratec also strives to be an environmentally conscious company by incorporating paper recycling and energy conservation into our everyday business practices.

At Muratec, our goal is to improve the world around us by developing cutting-edge multifunctional products that continuously set industry standards.


We also encourage our customers to join our efforts by participating in Muratec's Earth Friendly Products program. This program allows Muratec customers to recycle their used toner cartridges without hassle! Muratec has made participation easy and hassle-free; simply follow the five steps (see below) and you’re done. Muratec is proud to offer this program to our customers in the hope that together we can make a difference.

Directions For Returning Used Toner Cartridges (see list of machines below)

  1. Reuse the materials that the toner cartridge arrived in. In order to protect the casing and the rollers, please wrap the toner cartridge securely with the plastic wrap that came with the unit.
  2. Take the Styrofoam ends and secure them to the ends of the wrapped toner cartridge. The Styrofoam ends are cut differently, so please make sure they have been placed on the correct end.
  3. Place the toner cartridge carefully into the box. Make sure that the unit fits securely.
  4. Tape the box and apply the UPS label. It is now ready for shipping.
  5. To make it convenient for our customers, Muratec and UPS offer three ways to get your package on its way.
    1. Give the package to your UPS driver when you receive your next delivery.
    2. Drop it off at the nearest UPS service center. To find a location near you call 1-800-PICKUPS or visit www.ups.com.
    3. Take the package to a Mail Boxes Etc. center. For a location near you call 1-800-789-4MBE or visit www.mbe.com.

Do not call UPS to arrange a special pick-up for your package. Doing this will result in a fee which Muratec America, Inc. will not be held responsible for. Muratec's pre-paid label is good for Regular Pick-Up or Drop-Off only!


The toner recycling program is available for the Muratec F-300, F-305, F-315, F-320, F-360, F-520(D), F-525(D), F-560, MFX-1200, MFX-1300, MFX-1330(D), MFX-1350(D), MFX-1430D, MFX-1450(D), MFX-1600, MFX-1700, MFX-1950, MFX-2030, MFX-2050, MFX-2550, MFX-2570, MFX-2590 and MFX-C3400 models only. Consumables for Muratec machinery absent from the previously listed models will not be accepted by Muratec and Muratec will not be held liable for, nor reimburse, any shipping charges accrued from the return of these products. Muratec reserves the right to amend or discontinue the program without notice. Muratec will not be held liable for lost or missing UPS labels.


This program is currently available in the United States only. We cannot accept shipments from Canada.


Currently, Muratec only accepts toner cartridges for the models listed above. We do not accept drum cartridges for any model.








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